Tinian Jr. Sr. High School


Tinian Middle High School


Executive Summary


Tinian Jr. Sr. High School (TJSHS) sits on over 5 hectares of land in the heart of San Jose Village adjacent to Tinian Elementary School and the Tinian Northern Marianas College campus, surrounded by San Jose Church, public library, hospital, police and fire department, other government agencies, private businesses and residents of our community.  It is from this location that our students, parents, and members of the community interact daily to provide our students with the best possible education that available funding can provide.  Tinian High School was established in 1989.  The Jr. High School was merged with the high school in 1998 for financial purpose.  There was a substantial savings with merging the two schools, rather than having two separate campuses.

As of June 2020, TJSHS has a student population of 235, which is comprised of the following ethnicities: 52% Chamorro, 40% Filipino, and the remaining 8% are Bangladesh, Caucasian, Chinese, Mexican, Korean, and FSM. 100% of students are on the free meal program. 12 students or 5% of our students are in the Special Education program and 36 students or 15% are classified as English Language Learners.

The total student enrollment for TJSH is 235.  Breakdown by grade-level is as follows:  7th Grade (40), 8th Grade (43), 9th Grade (50), 10th Grade (36), 11th Grade (37), 12th Grade (29).

The faculty and staff is composed of 10 administrative staff and 23  instructional staff. 
The administrative staff includes the principal, vice-principal, school counselor, administrative assistant, registrar, school aide, librarian aide, trades and maintenance, a Child Nutrition Program Food Monitor, and one MOU staff.

The instructional staff includes 16 classroom teachers,  4 instructors, and 3 teacher aides.  43% hold a master’s degree, 30% hold a bachelor’s degree, and the remaining 26% hold an associate’s degree or lower.

The chart below shows the number of students performing at “Exceeding” and “Ready” on the ACT Aspire Summative assessment.  Because of the closure of schools on March 16, 2020 due to COVID19, the ACT Aspire Summative Assessment was cancelled.  The results for SY1920 is based on the ACT Aspire Interim 3 Assessment that was administered between January-February 2020.  The 6-year trend indicates the average percentage of students performing in English (60%), Writing (data is included with results for English), Reading (27%), Math (23%), and Science (24%).



SWP: Goals, Number of Objective Met/ Total Number of Objectives

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Goal Name

Number of Objective Met/Number of Objectives


By 2025, the percentage of students at the "Exceeding and/or Ready" level will be at least 61% in English, 54% in Reading, 50% in Math and 50% in Science as measured by the ACT Aspire Summative assessment.

Objectives: 1/3


By the end of SY 2019-2020, 65% of teachers will be at least on the Proficient rating level on the summary evaluations as measured by the McREL Teacher Evaluation.

Objectives: 0/1


TJSHS will provide a safe and healthy learning environment. Therefore, by June 2020, 85% of all TJSHS students will indicate a response of “I am safe at school” as measured by the Spring 2020 Advanced Ed Student Inventory.

Objectives: 1/2

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School Budget (Local, Federal, Non-Appropriated Funds, Others)

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Funding Source

Total Allocation

Personnel - Local (including all benefits)

$ 823,490

Operation - Local


Personnel- Federal (including all benefits)

$ 288,313

Federal Consolidated Grant - (School-wide Plan)


Federal - CTE


Federal - Wellness


Federal - Parental Involvement


Non-Appropriated Funds -(PTSA) as of June 2020 Bank Bal.

$ 27,081

Non-Appropriated Funds -(Educational Tax Credit)


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School Successes / Highlights

  • Stallion Athletics:
    • High School Girl’s Volleyball Goodwill Games on Rota: Lady Stallions traveled to Rota to compete with other schools for Good-Will Volleyball Competition. While in Rota, Lady Stallions promoted the Anti-Tobacco campaign and participated in Campfire Chats with mental health specialist.
    • High School Girl’s Basketball Tournament
    • High School Boy’s Basketball Tournament
  • Student Competitions:
    • 16th Annual Valentine Sengebau Poetry Competition
    • Mock Trial Competition
    • JROTC Drill Competition
    • School-Level/District Spelling Bee
  • Promotion and Graduation Ceremonies
    • Virtual Promotion Ceremony
    • Virtual Graduate Recognition Week
    • CO2020 Graduation Motorcade Procession and Presentation of Diplomas
  • Virtual NJHS/NHS Induction Ceremony
  • SY2020-2021 Virtual Student Council Campaign and Elections
  • Class/Club Activities:
    • Flag Ceremonies:  Each month the Student Council (STUCO) hosts the flag ceremony.  School activities and events are highlighted, and character building traits are promoted each month from the Virtues Project. 
    • National Junior/Honor Societies
      • Fundraisers
        • Annual Homecoming Dance, Vocal Valentine, NJHS Movie Night, NJHS Winter Wonderland
      • Community Service Projects
        • Ball for MD, VolleyBall for MD, Stallion Trainer Throughout the Years, Team CHADIC's A Walk to Remember, Glow Walk, Run, Wheel, Royal Colts Coronation, Crisis Counseling Self Care Day,
        • Pika Festival Bike Race, Beach Clean Up.
    • Special Education Program
      • Successful Transition Advocacy Course - All students enrolled in the course passed the class. For the last project of the class, students participated in the Senior Exit Interview and all students, including Juniors, passed the interview criteria.
      • Pre-Employment Transition Services - Students participated in Pre-ETS Training with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, CNMI Developmental Disabilities Council, NMC University Centers in Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, etc. They earned certification in attending the training.
      • Community Field Trips - Our students went on field trips to essential agencies in the community to learn appropriate ways of communication and gain familiarity with the agencies to ensure smooth transitions when needing to visit these agencies in their post-secondary life.
      • 2 Students on IEP Graduated from TJSHS.
    • JROTC Program: Accomplished most requirements of the US Army Cadet Command prior to the COVID crisis even though both instructors were deployed at one time or another to Rota for one month at a time.
      • Coastal Clean-Up
      • Cadet Challenges
      • Christmas Parade
      • JLAB
      • PSS MSU JROTC Drill Competition:  Co-hosted the CNMI JROTC Drill Competition
    • Inetnun Natibu Club:  Participated in the Gineptin Ha’anen Taga community event to learn from local artists and to showcase their talents and skills of the Chamorro culture.
    • Volleyball Club
      • The Class of 2023 and Volleyball club went to Tinian Elementary Schools on March 2020 to educate grades 5 and 6 with the harmful effects of Tobacco and taught students with team building skills.
      • The class of 2023 distributed Snack bag from Anti-Tobacco Campaign to promote healthy living and to avoid smoking cigarettes and chewing betel nuts.