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Tanapag Middle School


Executive Summary


Tanapag Middle School is in its sixth year of being a middle school since it transitioned from an elementary school. The change from an elementary school to a middle school began in the school year 2014-2015.  Since then, TMS has had three different Principals. Although transition and change was difficult, Tanapag Middle School remains resilient and continues to push forth to empower its students to take charge of their future. Student population has always remained small. The number of student enrollment depends on the number of students entering from our feeder school. This is really helpful in maintaining a healthy teacher-student ratio, but very challenging when it comes to funding. Additionally, TMS has a high turnover rate in classroom teachers. TMS loses about 2 to 3 teachers and/or staff every school year for various reasons. At the closing of the school year 2017-2018, TMS lost 2 of its teachers. As we close this school year however, TMS will retain all of its teachers.

This school year has been a challenging year. With the devastation from Typhoon Yutu on the entire island, Tanapag Middle School sustained some damages. It was one of the lucky schools that did not sustain or lose any classrooms as a result of the typhoon.

Despite the challenges the school encounters every year, TMS continues to see a steady growth in studentachievement. Data Student discipline continues to decline as a result of stricter discipline procedures. TMS buildings have been impacted by the ground it sits on.  TMS grounds are soft and are constantly shifting and changing due to heavy rainfall during the rainy seasons. Such impacts are highly noticeable through damaged classroom floorings and tiles. TMS is also one of the few schools without a sports facility such as a basketball court. The school heavily depends on the North field where much of student physical activities are conducted. A partial of the North field is unsafe for student use due to damp soil and ripples caused by soil erosion.

TMS continues to strive for excellence despite the many challenges it faces. In the past few years, TMS has seen some positive growth in its academic achievements.



TMS Highlights:

  • TMS students participated in the following events, competitions and/or presentations:
    • School Level STEM Fair
    • Island-wide STEM Fair
    • School level and island-wide level Spelling Bee competitions
    • Youth Advisory Panel work sessions
    • TMS offered a variety of clubs: Cooking, Karaoke, Math, My Wave Club, Sling-shot, Cultural Dance, Art, Music, Diversity, MINA, Rafaluwusch, DIY, Health and Wellness, STUCO, Micronesian Challenge, Young Entrepreneur, YAP club.
    • My WAVE club members participated at the MTEC Summit
    • School-level Geography Bee (1 student qualified for state-level competition)
    •  by STUCO
    • Various Sports Events
    • CCLHS Winners: Kudos to all the participants!
      • Poetry/Storytelling : - 1st Place - will represent  in Guam
      • Poster Contest. - 2nd Place medal - Angelia Pua
      • Chamorro Chant. - 2nd Place - Trophy
      • Chamorro Dance. - 2nd Place - Trophy
      • Carolinian Chant. - 2nd Place - Trophy
      • Carolinian Dance. - 1st Place - Medals
    • First ever and successful 8th Grade Motorcade Promotion Ceremony (Promoted 57 students)
    • Parent Training: Education: Our Best Legacy by Tayna Belyeu-Camacho
    • TMS Field Day sponsored by TMS STUCO
    • Christmas Tree Decorating Contest at the Paseo
    • Music Club participation at the Arts Festival



SWP:  Goals, Number of Objective Met/Number of Objectives

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Goal Name

Number of Objective Met/Number of Objectives


Goal 1: Student Success
By June 2020, TMS student Cohort groups will increase their “ready” and “exceeding” levels in Reading by 5 percent points or more as measured by the ACT Aspire Summative Assessment.


Objectives:/ 4/8

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School Budget (Local, Federal, Non-Appropriated Funds, Others)

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Funding Source

Total Allocation

Personnel Local Budget (including all benefits)


Personnel Federal Budget (including all benefits)


Local Budget - Operations Allocation


Local Budget - Other


Federal Consolidated Grant (School-wide Plan)


Federal Wellness


Federal CTE


Non-Appropriated Funds (ETC, CLUB)


Federal Parental Involvement


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School Success / Highlights