Koblerville Elementary School

Koblerville Elementary School


Executive Summary


Koblerville Elementary School is located on the southern side of the island of Saipan with 650 students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 from the villages of Koblerville and San Antonio. The SY 2019-2020 student-teacher ratio is 28:1. The student population consists of 35% Chamorro, 28% Filipino, 11% Carolinian, 12% FSM, and 10% Asian.

On October 25, 2018, The strongest super typhoon to ever hit the Mariana Islands caused two months of no class instruction and the loss of nine classrooms resulting in the implementation of half-day instructional sessions upon students’ return to school.  Aside from the loss of instructional time, many students struggled with family members to find normalcy during the recovery period.  The hardship that Super Typhoon Yutu has brought to the CNMI has definitely created a detrimental impact on family livelihoods, hence affecting students’ academic progress.

Additionally, the school had a change in leadership in SY 2019-2020. Change in leadership involved transitions in operations and school instructional practices; consequently and collectively, all school personnel made additional efforts and time adapting to changes for school improvement and increasing student achievements.

Part of SY 2019-2020 highly focused on literacy instructional practices that would help improve student achievement in the areas of reading, mathematics. Based on the achievement results from SY 2019 in Reading, a little over 20% of students in Grades 3-5 were proficient. Math and Science also had the lowest percent of students performing on target. This school year the school continued to address Reading and Math throughout all grade levels. Science results were similarly low. If students are better readers, it is likely that they will perform better in Science and other contents. Intensive student academic and behavior support were embedded for those who struggle academically and at risk. Much of the efforts came with challenges this school year due to the continued half-day sessions for students, and ultimately the major disruption on teaching and learning as a result of the school closure in March of 2020 from the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, the school community had strived to pursue its goal and objectives in the best way possible and time given.



SWP: Goals, Number of Objective Met/Number of Objectives

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Goal Name

Number of Objective Met/Number of Objectives


Goal: By the end of SY 2020, KES Grade 3-5 students will perform at proficient or better in English, Reading, Math and Science as measured by the ACT Aspire Summative Assessment with the following targets:






Grade 3

Target: 73%
Need: +13% increase

Need: +8% increase

Need: +13% increase

Need: 21% increase

Grade 4

Need: +6% increase

Need: +11% increase

Need: +3% increase

Need: +8% increase

Grade 5

Need: +4% increase

Need: +17% increase

Need: +6% increase

Need: +20% increase

Objectives:  7/13
Activities: 67/84
Due to the abrupt school closure in March of 2020, several objectives were not met.
Opportunities to demonstrate meeting objectives were compromised by an incomplete school year. 

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School Budget (Local, Federal, Non-Appropriated Funds, Others)

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Funding Source

Total Allocation

Personnel Local & Federal Budget (including all benefits)


Local Budget - Operations Allocation


Federal Consolidated Grant (School-wide Plan)


Federal Wellness


Federal Parental Involvement


KES Non-Appropriated Funds (PTA Funds)


KES Non-Appropriated Funds (Educational Tax Credit)


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School Successes / Highlights

  • School-wide implementation of the State Systemic Improvement Plan
  • School-wide initiative- Daily 5/ Math Daily 3 Implementation
  • Revival of the School Counseling Program- Classroom Guidance, Individual/ Group Counseling, Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, Child Study Team, Second-Step Curriculum implementation, SARC, Home visits, Section 504, Chronic Absenteeism monitoring,etc.
  • Implementation of the Student Token Economy System
  • KES academic and program data monitoring systems
  • Construction of the new school cafeteria (expected completion -November 2020)
  • Added parking space
  • Acquisition of new student collateral equipment
  • Building E/ C Classroom Tile replacements and painting/ Building D Classroom D6 roof repair/ Cafeteria shutter replacements/ School building painting and touch-ups
  • Professional Development: Foundations of Reading/ Guided Reading, Renaissance Flow, Daily 5/Math Daily 3, Universal Screening, Achieve3000
  • Decreased Discipline Referral
  • Increased parental involvement at the PTSA (SY 2019: 40% participation- SY 2020: 83% participation
  • Established the Parent Passbook Incentive program
  • Motherread/ Fatherread parent program
  • Increased ETC Account: year ending balance $20,000 (Beginning year: $8K, SY Expense: $14K)
  • 3rd Annual CCLHS Language & Cultural Performing Arts Competition- Children Choir Chamorro and Carolinian-1st place; Story-Telling K-2 Division: 1st place/ 3-5 Division: 3rd place
  • Sports Competition-Soccer Co-Ed: 2nd place, Volleyball Co-E: 2nd placed, Boys Basketball-1st place
  • Korean Cultural Exchange Program-15 students participation
  • STUCO-ELAN projects
  • MTEC MyWave Summit Participation
  • CNMI Teacher of the Year- Top 5
  • Professional Career achievements-6 school staff received their Masters in Education degree
  • Learning Packet Distribution (due to school closure)
  • Drive-Through Promotion Ceremony & 5th Grade Video Tribute