Kagman Elementary School

Kagman Elementary School

Executive Summary

Kagman Elementary School, known as the "Home of the Blue Marlins," is situated in Kagman III village, a rural setting, on the island of Saipan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The school's history dates back to September 5, 2000, when it first welcomed students. The school currently serves 465 students. Enrollment numbers have shown slight fluctuations over recent years, with the current enrollment representing a modest increase from the previous year:  SY2022-2023 - 462; SY2021-2022 - 450; SY2020-2021 - 462; SY2019-2020 - 451.

The school’s mascot, the Blue Marlins, was decided by the incoming students when the school first opened.  Kagman Elementary is the most recent and modern facility among all the CNMI PSS Elementary Schools.  It overlooks a spectacular view of the Kagman peninsula.  

The school staff includes 45 credentialed and support personnel, 25 full-time certificated teachers, 1 counselor, 1 librarian, 1 principal, 1 vice-principal, 7 teacher aides, 3 instructors, 1 custodian, 1 maintenance, 2 Title I Reading teachers & 2 ELL Teachers.  It serves a diverse student community spanning from Kagman I to Kagman IV, as well as neighboring areas like Asteo (Santa Lourdes), Papago, and Capitol Hill. The student population reflects a rich blend of ethnic backgrounds, including Chamorro, Carolinian, Chuukese, Filipino, Palauan, Pohnpeian, Japanese, Yapese, Pakistani, Kiribati, and Thai, resulting in a multilingual environment where English, Chamorro, and Carolinian are spoken.  All students received free breakfast & lunch through the PSS Food & Nutrition Program.

Kagman Elementary School is a leader for the Chamorro and Carolinian Immersion language program.  The school is dedicated to preserving and sustaining the indigenous languages through programs that teach Chamorro and Carolinian.

The Kagman Village is proud to have a school cluster of Kagman Elementary School, Chacha Oceanview Middle School, and Kagman High School all in one place and feeder to each other.  They also have a joint Parent Teacher & Student Association (PTSA) that meets once a month.

Mission, Vision and Values

The school’s mission, vision, and values are continuously reviewed to ensure alignment with its educational goals on an annual basis.
         Mission:  Kagman Elementary School’s mission is to cultivate a positive and nurturing school climate that fosters high academic achievement through the principles of Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships.
         Vision:  The school envisions itself as an exemplary 21st-century learning community. Its goal is to prepare students for success in an era of rapid technological advancements.  The acronym “MARLINS” is used to convey the qualities and skills students should possess:
  • M: Moral values
  • A: Achieve academic excellence
  • R: Respect for others
  • L: Love for learning
  • I: Intellectual leadership and technological proficiency
  • N: Nobility in character and high expectations
  • S: Self-esteem in a global community

SWP: Goals, Number of Objective Met/Number of Objectives
Grade Level Grades K-5
Student Enrollment 462
Number of School Admin., Teachers, and Staff 40
Schoolwide Plan Allocation $312,356.00
Number of Objectives Met 6
Number of Objectives Not Met 1
Number of Completed Activities 25
Number of Lagging Activities 3
  1. Student Success – SEL
  1. To increase students’ quality of life by improving student mental, emotional, 
and physical well-being as measured by Office Referral, EWS, & We Survey.
  • Provided PD with Positive Action Curriculum for Teachers (PA Monthly Assembly)
  • Implemented Token Economy to incentivize learning and behavior (TOKA)
  • Provided School Wide SPARK Activity (PD with OCI)
  • Provided Digital Technology & PD for Students (Laptop Use in the classroom)
  1. Student Success – Learning
  1. Students will have adequate school supplies to maximize their learning experience.
  • Procured personalized student planner & EWS log book (Plastic Folder)
  • Provided Student Incentive -KagES labeled School Supplies
  • Participated in Regional Spelling Bee & Cham. Lang. Competition (Guam – UOG)
  1. To provide effective instruction, interventions, & SEL to increase student readiness & participation, as measured by the STAR Assessments.
  • Allocated 1K for each teacher; approved PO for instructional materials & supplies
  • Renewed Lexia Core 5 Subscription
  • Renewed Goal book Subscription
  • Renewed IXL learning subscription for ELA, Math, Sci, SS.
  • Provided after-school tutoring by teachers (funded by OCI not KagES)
  • Procured AR Library Books (purchased thru PERMA-Bound)
  1. Safe & Caring Schools

  Students and teachers will acquire knowledge and skills in dealing with emergencies and preventing accidents.
  • Purchased evacuation signs in hallways & classrooms
  • Traffic Equipment (Cones, Signage, Arrows) 
  • Purchase speakers/intercoms for after-school p/up
  • Conducted Emergency drills for all (Fire, Earthquake & Lockdown with evacuation)
  • Purchase 4 R's Posters & Materials 
  • Certified 8 KagES Team members with Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI)
  1. High Performing System
  • Provide activities & opportunities for teachers & staff to develop skills needed for effective instruction and professional growth.
  • Completed off-island PD/ Training/ Conference (ASCA, CUE, MSC)
  • Attended Teaching Strategies PD by Eric Sheninger of ICLE (SWPD – Funded by COE)
  • Provided Rigor, Relevance & Relationship PD with Dr. Jordan
  • Teachers completed Science of Reading PD by Dr. Camacho
  1. Parent Engagement/Community
  • To build strong and effective partnerships with families/community that would help children and families grow.
  • Conducted Parent Digital Training (parent literacy nights) - provided resources & refreshments
  • Provided Parent Incentive for attending Quarterly PTC, PTSA, Parent Literacy, etc.
  • Parent Engagement Tablet
  • Family Fun Day 
  • Provided Motheread & Fatheread (Parent Literacy Training)
  • Procured Take-Home Backpacks for the Summer Learning at home


School Successes / Highlights

KagES is mission-driven as we continue to create a positive school climate by maintaining an environment of respect, trust, dignity, and fairness with our students and each other.  Together, we create a positive, nurturing school culture & climate that yields high academic student performance through Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships.
Because we have the opportunity to have in-person instruction and learning, it is very evident that students make significant growth due to face-to-face instruction and engagement with teachers, staff, and parents.  At the end of SY 2022-2023, KagES increased from 41% to 56% of 2nd–5th-grade students who performed at the “At or Above” Benchmark in STAR Reading. Students in 1st grade through 5th grade assessed in STAR Math increased from 49% to 54% in the “At or Above” Benchmark category. In STAR Early Literacy, Kindergarten through 1st-grade students grew from 28% to 70% in the “At or Above” Benchmark. 

The After School High Dosage Tutorial Program, including the Early Warning System (EWS) progress monitoring implementation, supported the increase of student achievement through personalized learning. Student achievement results were monitored throughout the academic year to inform intentional instructional planning efforts. To individualize learning for all students and subgroups, KagES has made investments in supplemental learning programs and resources. Teachers and staff procured resources for their classrooms and engaged in program support and training for professional development and learning.
  • KagES was awarded 2nd place in the McDonald’s “Race to Raise” competition and earned $3,000, which added community funding resources to supplement our programs. 
  • KagES sent Seventeen (17) 2nd-grade students and six (6) chaperones to successfully participate in the Guam CHamoru Language & Culture competition hosted by UOG.
  • Congratulations to 2023 CNMI Achieve3000 – KagES Teacher Awardee Mrs. Lavena Babauta and Student Awardees – Vic Junior Igitol (K) & Dounnie Valmarie Santos (5th    grade).
  • KagES students participated in the PGFC competition, and 8 won in the regionals. 
  • KagES successfully implemented the Chamorro Immersion program in grades K, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade of 60 students.  Carolinian Immersion program in grades K & 1st grade of 25 students.
  • KagES students of 2 participated in the Guam Regional Spelling Bee competition.
  • KagES successfully implemented the SEL program using the Positive Action Curriculum in the classroom for all grade levels.
  • Implemented Student Exchange Program in partnership with WPCA. South Korea, KagES hosted 18 WPCA students with 3 teachers and WPCA hosted 5 KagES students with 2 Teachers
  • KagES elected STUCO officers & participated in the MY Wave club, Christmas in the Marianas, STEM Fair & Students at the Park.
  • KagES inducted 40 students & installed student officers for the NEHS.
  • KagES students (Blu Cruz, Natalia Hermoso, Sulaman Mustansar, Dounnie Santos, & Carlia Tudela) won 2nd place in the Academic Challenge Bowl hosted by the MHS National Honor Society.
  • KagES promoted 84 - 5th grade students to 6th grade for SY23-24.

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