Federal Program Reports

CNMI PSS publishes a variety of fiscal reports in order to comply with open government and fiscal obligations.  On this page you will find yearly District Audit reports, Consolidated Federal Grant applications, Federal Grant Reports, and other reports documenting the use of US Federal funding in PSS programs.  If you have questions, or cannot locate the report you are looking for, please contact our Federal Programs Office using one of the methods listed below.

The CNMI Public School System publishes yearly audits of its finances on this page.  Audits from Fiscal Year 2009 to Fiscal Year 2016 are available by request from the office of the CNMI Public School System’s Internal Auditor via the contact information listed below.

  • Fiscal Year 2017 Audit (pending)


Please find the Annual Reports, Biannual Reports, Biennial Reports and Federal Programs Office Annual Report.


FPO March 19, 2018 (PPTX)
FPO May 11, 2018 (PPTX)
FPO June 22, 2018 (PPTX)


Consolidated Grant Annual Report FY17 (PDF)


Consolidated Grant Annual Report FY16 (PDF)
FPO May 2, 2016
SCH Allocations March 23, 2016
FPO Mar 23, 2016
FPO Mar 6, 2016
FY16 Federal Fund Allocations


Consolidated Grant Fiscal Year 15 Annual Grant


Consolidated Grant Fiscal Year 14 Annual Grant


CNMI PSS Annual Report on USDOE Grants (DEC 2013)


Federal Grant – Purpose smart Goal expected outcomes timeline
CNMI PSS 2012 2ndQtrReportPartA
CNMI PSS 2012 2ndQtrReportPartB
CNMI PSS20121stQtrReportA
CNMI PSS20121stQtrReportB
CNMI PSS20121stQtrReportC


USDE FY11 Annual Report


CNMI PSS Annual Report on USDOE Grants-1(Nov,2010)
CNMI PSS Annual Report on USDOE Grants-2(Nov,2010)
CNMI PSS Annual Report on USDOE Grants-3(Nov,2010)
CNMI Public School System Federal Programs Third Quarter Report(2010)


CNMI Public School System Annual Report on USDOE Grants(10-01-2008 to 09-30-2009)


CNMI Public School System 9th Biannual Report(07-01-2008 to 12-31-2008)
CNMI Public School System Biannual Report on USDOE Grants(01-01-2008 to 06-30-2008)


Federal Programs Office Annual Report on Federal Grants (01-01-2007 to 12-31-2007)
CNMI Public School System Biannual Report on USDOE Grants(01-01-2007 to 06-30-2007)


CNMI Public School System Biannual Report on USDOE Grants(07-1-06-2006 to 12-31-2006)
CNMI Public School System Biannual report on USDOE Grants(01-01-2006 to 6-30-2006)


CNMI Public School System Biannual Report on USDOE Grants(07-01-2005 to 12-31-2005)
CNMI Public School System Biennial Report on USDOE Grants(01-01-05 to 6-30-2005)


CNMI Public School System Biennial Report on USDOE Grants(07-1-2004 to 12-31-2004)

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provide impact aid grants that are designed to stimulate the economy and jump start school reform efforts. The ARRA grants are one-time school improvement grants that improve teaching and learning by saving and creating teacher jobs, repairing school facilities and by infusing technology upgrades in our classrooms such as computers, smart boards, etc. for student and teacher use both at school and at home.

The Education Stabilization Fund as developed by the PSS at $32.3 million for the PSS and $4 million for the NMC for a total of $36.3 million is the largest federal grant ever received in the CNMI. The PSS share of the grant, $32.3 million, is being used for the following purposes:

  1. $14.9 million to support 180 teaching staff across two years;
  2. $11.7 million for repairs, renovations and school modernization;
  3. $  2.5 million for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs;
  4. $  1.8 million for Utilities;
  5. $  1.7 million for the one laptop per child initiative;
  6. $    .7 million for program administration.

The ARRA Consolidated Grant at $3.6 million provides funding for a series of educational initiatives that PSS had wanted to undertake for years but had not due to a lack of funding. The educational initiatives are as follows:

  1. Turning around the five lowest performing schools at $610,000;
  2. Support for schools showing growth in student achievement but still needing additional support                                        $391,000;
  3. Summer seminars for teachers                                    $946,000;
  4. School leadership improvement program                    $264,800;
  5. Network Upgrades                                                     $190,000;
  6. Teacher Academy Program                                         $135,000;
  7. Parental Involvement                                                  $100,000;
  8. Summer Reading Program                                          $120,000;
  9. Central Electronic Archive                                         $100,000.

The Federal Transit ARRA grants provide $1.1 million for the renovation of the Bus Depot and Warehouse at lower Base.

The Head start ARRA grants at $205,290 provide college courses and cost of living adjustments (COLA) for our Head Start staff.

The Special Education Part B ARRA grant at $174,906 provides funding for SPED teachers to get MA degrees.

The Special Education Part C grant at $16,323 provides for training for teachers and support staff working with infants and toddlers;

The TEFAP ARRA in the amount of $19,851 provides support for Head Start parents.

Total ARRA grants received by the PSS  $39,558,384

ARRA Quarterly Reports: April to June 2011

PSS Consolidated ARRA $3,595,560 – June 2011 Quarterly Report
PSS FTA ARRA Bus Facility $1,061,782 – June 2011 Quarterly Rpt
PSS FTA-ARRA Bus Facility $52,510 – June 2011 Quarterly Rpt
PSS SpEd Part B ARRA $174,906 – June 2011 Quarterly Rpt
PSS SpEd Part C ARRA $16,323 – June 2011 Quarterly Rpt
FINAL ARRA Headstart $205,290 Report Filed as of March 2011
FINAL ARRA USDA TEFAP $7,713 Report Filed as of June 2010

ARRA Quarterly Reports: January to March 2011

ARRA Headstart $205,290 Jan-Mar2011 Quarterly Rpt
ARRA FTA (Bus Facility) $1,061,782 Jan-Mar2011 Quarterly Rpt
ARRA FTA (Bus Facility) $52,510 Jan-Mar2011 Quarterly Rpt
ARRA Consolidated $3,595,560 Jan-Mar2011 Quarterly Rpt
ARRA SpEd Part B $174,906 Jan-Mar2011 Quarterly Rpt
ARRA SpEd Part C $16,323 Jan-Mar2011 Quarterly Rpt

ARRA Quarterly Reports: July to September 2010

ARRA Consolidated $1,797,780 Jul1-Sep30 2010
ARRA FTA($1,061,782 Bus Facility Jul-Sep2010 Rpt Oct4,2010
ARRA FTA $52,510 Bus Facility Jul-Sep2010 Oct3,2010 Rpt
ARRA Headstart $205,290 July1-Sep30 2010 Oct10,2010 Rpt
ARRA Spec Ed Part B $174,906 July-Sep2010 (Oct27,2010)
ARRA SpecEd PartC $16,323 July-Sep2010 (Oct27,2010)

ARRA Quarterly Reports:  April to June 2010

ARRA FTA (Bus Facility) $1,061,782 Apr-Jun2010 Rpt
ARRA USDE Consolidated Apr-Jun2010 Rpt
ARRA SpecEd Part B $174,906 Apr-Jun2010 Rpt
ARRA Head Start $205,290 Apr-Jun2010 Rpt
ARRA FTA(Bus Facility) $52,510 Apr-Jun2010 Rpt
ARRA SpecEd Part C $16,323 Apr-Jun2010 Rpt

ARRA Quarterly Reports: December 2010

SFSF Report 12-31-10 2
Ed-Jobs Report 12-31-10
DOE Report 12-31-10 PSS Green Energy 2
ARRA Consolidated Oct-Dec2010

For more info contact:

Tim Thornburgh, Federal Programs Officer

Tel: 237-3065, 783-8993
Fax: 664-3837
Email: tim.thornburgh@cnmipss.org