Professional Development

CNMI PSS is committed to offering its employees a wide variety of instructive and high quality opportunities for professional development.  In addition to regularly scheduled professional development opportunities during the school year we also provide the opportunities listed below.

The Instructional Technology Program is pleased to announce the opening of the Fall 2017 Professional eLearning Po rtal. This fall, we will be offering free certification courses to PSS personnel. See below for more details & to register. 

Fall 2017 Professional eLearning Registration Form 


The Instructional Technology’s Professional eLearning Portal provides provides professional development coursework for educators who are seeking professional growth and advancement. Course offerings are aligned to the BOE Certification and Licensure Requirements and are taught by PSS personnel who have been credentialed in their respective field of study as noted by a degree and/or related Praxis 2 assessment. The courses are delivered through an online, 5-week framework, equivalent to 45 professional development hours.  

Important Dates

Registration: August 30- September 08

Week 1: September 17
Week 2: September 24
Week 3: October 01
Week 4: October 08
Week 5: October 15

Withdrawal Deadline: September 22

Available Courses

  1. Reading Diagnostics & Strategies
  2. Instructional Technology
  3. NMI History
  4. Social Studies Methods
  5. Science Methods
  6. Math Methods
  7. Language Arts Methods
  8. Behavioral Modification in the Classroom
  9. Test & Measurements
  10. Multicultural Education/Teaching Linguistically Diverse Students
  11. Prevention & Outreach
  12. Dynamics of Individual Behavior 
  13. Individual & Group Counseling
  14. Group Counseling 
  15. Introduction to Counseling 
  16. Multicultural Counseling 
  17. Introduction to School Administration
  18. Facilitative Leadership Seminar

Important Information

  • Registration for a course does not guarantee enrollment
  • Courses are subject to cancellation
  • Participants are responsible for having their credentials assessed by the BOE Certification & Licensure Office to know which courses are needed for certification purposes. 
  • Questions regarding Certification & Licensure should be addressed to Valerie Malwelbug, BOE Certificate & Licensure Officer. 

For more info contact: