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All Job Vacancies as of May 23, 2016
Job Vacancy Announcements in Detail:
JVA # Position Location PDF
PSS-2015-180 Instructor I (CCLHS) (10 Positions) (Amendment-ReAnnouncement) CCLHS-Saipan & Tinian Schools pdf-download
PSS-2015-269 Substitute Teacher Saipan, Rota, Tinian Schools pdf-download
PSS-2015-276 Classroom Teacher (Highly Qualified) ReAnnouncement I SPED pdf-download
PSS-2014-135 Classroom Teacher (Highly Qualified) (Amendment) (ReAnnouncement XVI – 3 Positions) SPED pdf-download
PSS-2015-191 Classroom Teacher (Highly Qualified) (2 Positions)(ReAnnouncement I) Garapan Elementary School pdf-download
PSS-2014-112 Education Psychologist (ReAnnouncement XV) SPED pdf-download
PSS-2014-138 Speech Language Pathologist (ReAnnouncement V – 1 Position) SPED pdf-download
PSS-2015-294 Speech Language Pathologist SPED pdf-download
PSS-2015-295 Speech Language Pathologist Early Intervention Program pdf-download
PSS-2015-301 Classroom Teacher (Highly Qualified) Tanapag Middle School pdf-download
PSS-2015-257 Itinerant Reading(ESL Literacy)-Amendment Office of Student Support Services – T&FASEG pdf-download
PSS-2015-277 JROTC Army Instructor JROTC Program-DRHIJSHS (ReAnnouncement II) pdf-download
PSS-2015-298 Classroom Teacher (Highly Qualified) (Class Size Reduction) (3 Positions) Marianas High School pdf-download
PSS-2015-180 Instructor I (CCLHS) (2 Positions) (Amendment I-ReAnnouncement I) CCLHS Saipan Schools pdf-download
PSS-2015-260 Substitute Teacher Aide (4 Positions)(ReAnnouncement) Special Education Program on Saipan & Tinian pdf-download
PSS-2015-313 Classroom Teacher (Highly Qualified)(Lang.Arts) Kagman High School pdf-download
PSS-2015-326 Instructor I (CCLHS) DanDan Middle School pdf-download
PSS-2015-332 Classroom Teacher (Highly Qualified) Special Education Program pdf-download
PSS-2015-341 school aide i sinapalo elementary school pdf-download
PSS-2016-003 Instructor – Sign Language Interpreting Special Education Program pdf-download
PSS-2016-004 jrotc army instructor jrotc program MHS pdf-download
PSS-2016-005 director of army instruction JROTC pdf-download
PSS-2016-006 instructor i (CCLHS) garapan elementary school pdf-download
PSS-2016-007 jrotc senior army instructor jrotc program pdf-download
PSS-2016-009 classroom teacher (highly qualified) special education program pdf-download
PSS-2016-010 teacher aide (4 positions) special education program pdf-download
PSS-2015-310 Nutrition Assistant Monitor FNS Office pdf-download
PSS-2015-320 distance education instructor all schools pdf-download
PSS-2015-334 Truant Officer Tinian Jr.Sr. High School pdf-download
PSS-2016-001 teacher aide (heroes to teacher) garapan elementary school pdf-download
PSS-2015-333 personnel specialist I-III Human Resources Office pdf-download
PSS-2016-014 network specialist I administrative services office pdf-download
PSS-2016-015 School Counselor (Behavioral Specialist) Special Education Program pdf-download
PSS-2016-016 Building Maintenance Man Hopwood Middle School pdf-download
PSS-2015-322 Personnel Specialist I-III HRO (Professional Development) pdf-download
PSS-2016-002 administrative assistant office of student support services pdf-download
PSS-2016-022 classroom teacher (highly qualified) marianas high school pdf-download
PSS-2015-284 education specialist I-V (instructional technology) office of student & support services pdf-download
PSS-2016-024 classroom teacher (highly qualified) kagman elementary school pdf-download
PSS-2016-025 teacher aide special education program – tinian pdf-download
PSS-2016-020 School Vice Principal I-II Kagman High School pdf-download
PSS-2016-021 School Vice Principal I-II Marianas High School pdf-download
PSS-2016-027 teacher aide (heroes to teacher) hopwood middle school pdf-download
PSS-2016-028 BusConductor I RHI pdf-download
PSS-2014-172 Practice Based Coach (ReAnnouncement VI) Head Start Program pdf-download
PSS-2015-212 Early Head Start Secretary (ReAnnouncement II) Early Head Start Program pdf-download
PSS-2015-215 Supply Technician I EHS Head Start Program (ReAnnouncement II) pdf-download
PSS-2015-311 Family Partnership Advocate Early Head Start Head Start Program pdf-download
PSS-2016-034 CTE Instructor (Nursing) Saipan Southern High School pdf-download
PSS-2016-035 classroom teacher (highly qualified) oleai elementary school pdf-download
PSS-2015-181 teacher aide(2) (chamorro & carolinian) saipan schools pdf-download
PSS-2015-225 Teacher Aide (Heroes to Teacher) Tanapag Middle School pdf-download
PSS-2015-280 School Counselor Marianas High School pdf-download
PSS-2015-308 Part-Time Food Monitor(4) FNS Office pdf-download
PSS-2015-324 teacher aide (heroes to teacher) koblerville elementary school pdf-download
PSS-2016-023 Instructor CCLHS San Vicente Elementary School pdf-download
PSS-2016-026 teacher aide (heroes to teacher) hopwood middle school pdf-download
PSS-2016-036 Social Media Intern Federal Programs Office pdf-download
PSS-2012-074 Occupational Therapist III – IV SPED pdf-download
PSS-2015-149 Building Maintenance Man Garapan Elementary School pdf-download
PSS-2015-317 Part-Time Food Monitor FNS Office pdf-download
PSS-2015-339 teacher aide (heroes to teacher) san vicente elementary school pdf-download
PSS-2016-048 classroom teacher (highly qualified) hopwood jr. high school pdf-download
PSS-2016-032 Education Specialist I-V (Science) Office of Curriculum & Instruction pdf-download
PSS-2016-033 Education Specialist I-V (Chamorro Program) Office of Curriculum & Instruction pdf-download
PSS-2016-045 Instructional Technology Counseling Certification Instructor pdf-download
PSS-2016-047 Part-Time Scorers (8 Positions) Office of Accountability, Research & Evaluation pdf-download
PSS-2016-051 Electrician CIP pdf-download
PSS-2016-052 classroom teacher (highly qualified) kagman high school pdf-download
PSS-2016-053 classroom teacher (highly qualified) kagman high school pdf-download
PSS-2016-054 Teacher Aide Head Start Program pdf-download
PSS-2016-055 Administrative Specialist I-II Head Start Program pdf-download
PSS-2016-056 Instructor (CCLHS) Tanapag Middle School pdf-download
PSS-2016-057 classroom teacher (highly qualified) kagman elementary school pdf-download
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