Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office is committed to the highest quality of education for all students of the Public School System, and through standards of professionalism, effective communication and teamwork, we will recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified personnel and provide efficient services to PSS staff and the community.

If you have questions about The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Island Public Schools job opportunities or would like to discuss future opportunities with a Human Resource Specialist, please contact our office.  You may also view current job vacancies on this website.

Policy of Nondiscrimination

Public School System (“PSS”) is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment upon any basis, including a person’s sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or retaliation for the exercise of any these rights. In reading and answering the inquiries within the applications below, please keep in mind that none of the questions are intended to imply any limitations, illegal preferences, or discrimination based upon any information that is not job-related.

The applications below will be given complete consideration, but their receipt does not imply that you will be employed. Please fill it out completely and do not alter it. You must also submit a resume with the applications below.

Certification Requirement

All Certified positions need to apply for certification at the State Board of Education.  The Human Resources Office will NOT PROCESS applications for certified positions if the applicant has not completed the certification process.

  1.  Will I be interviewed?

    Applicants are screened to determine whether they meet the eligibility requirements for the vacancy announced. This results in the formation of an eligibility list. Applicants are placed on the list by order of experience and education. At the minimum, the top five applicants are interviewed, but the PSS Interviewer has the option of including other persons from the eligibility list. If you are selected, you will be notified of the time and place of the interview by the program or school announcing the position usually by telephone or e-mail.

    Human Resources Office will not process any incomplete application.

  2. What goes on during an interview?

    An interviewing panel of two or more people may be interviewing you for the position. Questions will be asked pertaining to your knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the job you applied for. A second interview may happen to break a tie, if the last two applicants scored the same. After the interview, the Human Resources Office (HRO) will contact you of the decision made through mail, which is usually 2-4 weeks. 

  3. What if your interview goes well?

    The PSS Interviewer will conduct a background investigation by contacting listed supervisors and co-workers and by contacting your local Department of Public Safety. In some cases, you may be asked to fill out two fingerprint cards so that the FBI may check to determine if you have a criminal record.

  4. Your first notice – – the Intent to Offer Employment Letter:

    If the decision is made to offer you employment, you will be notified by receiving an Intent to Offer Employment Letter. This letter is not a contract of employment or an offer of employment; it is notice that PSS intends to make you an offer of employment in the near future. This offer may not be made despite these intentions for various reasons, such as budgetary restraints.

  5. Non-Selection.

    If you are not chosen for the position, you will be notified by mail. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Human Resources Office at (670) 237-3051/2/59.

  6. When am I employed exactly?

    If your application process continues to proceed favorably you will next receive an executed contract of employment. You are to sign it, keep a copy and return the original. When you receive notice that you have been hired, bring two (2) forms of identification such as passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, social security card, and/or valid CNMI labor permit (Immediate Relative). At this point you have been hired. However, the contract is conditioned upon a medical examination that discloses no conditions that will prevent you from performing the essential functions of the job or that will pose a significant risk of substantial harm to your health or safety; or that other people in the workplace that cannot be reasonably accommodated; or that you will cause an undue hardship on PSS. Before you commence your contract, you must undergo a physical examination at the Commonwealth Division of Public Health or other health care provider with satisfactory results.

  7. What benefits are given to persons who have to move to accept employment?

    Persons with a point of hire that is different than the island assigned for work are referred to as “off-island hires”. These persons will be provided a contract addendum entitled “Off-Island Hire Terms and Conditions” to execute at the same time as the contract. You may ask to see the addendum during your interview. As the benefits frequently change, the addendum in use during your interview will provide the most accurate information.
    In general, two benefits are provided: one-way transportation to the CNMI. Airfare from the point of hire to the island assigned for work and three days of hotel accommodations and meal allowances are provided for employees and up to three of their dependants who do not already have a place to stay on island. There are a number of conditions attached to these benefits, which are explained in the contract addendum.

  8. What about licensing? (For Certified Positions ONLY)

    For certified positions, you must submit to the Board Of Education a completed application for a Teacher or Librarian Basic Certificate. The following are requirements that must be attached to your completed application form: 1) results of your physical examination, a statement from a state or national education agency that you have a license and that it has not been suspended or revoked, two passport-size color photographs and a completed finger print submission form from the Department of Public Safety (DPS-Saipan, Tinian, or Rota). These fingerprint submission form will verify that you have had your fingerprinting done and the fingerprint cards will be provided to the Federal Bureau Of Identification (FBI) to do a more thorough criminal records check to be considered in determining whether to issue you a certificate as a teacher or a librarian. A decision by the Certification Officer will be rendered within 60 days of the filing of a completed application along with all necessary documentation. During the interim, the Human Resources Officer will grant you a Temporary teaching certificate so that you may work. The Basic certificate will be valid for a period of time equaling the term of your initial contract with PSS, unless earlier revoked or suspended.

  9. How do I find out more about the CNMI?

    The CNMI Public School System’s website is full of helpful information.  Use the navigation menu on the top of the page or the side of the page to find the information you are looking for.

  10. What if I Still Have Questions?

    You may contact our office by telephone at (670) 237-3064/52/79/59/31/31/37.
    You may also email us at
    If you need to contact us through mail, please send any documents to:

    CNMI Public School System
    P.O. Box 501370
    Saipan, MP 96950

For more info contact:

Human Resources (HRO),

Capitol Hill Bldg #1202

Tel: (670) 237-3031/37/59/79
Fax: 664-3826