District Offices Directory

Below you can find contact information for CNMI Public School System district office personnel. If you are seeking directions to a particular office you may refer to the Central Office Map (PDF).

Contact information for school administrators can be found by searching for your school using the search form at the top of this page.

State Board Of Education (bldg. #1241)

State Board Of Education (bldg. #1241) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
MaryLou S. Ada, J.D. BOE Chairwoman 237-3043 boe.ada@cnmipss.org
Jessica Estrada Certification and Licensure Officer 237-3027, 287-3027, 235-2424 boe.certification@cnmipss.org
Isa K. Sablan Administrative Specialist II 237-3027, 287-3010 boe.adminspecialist@cnmipss.org
Robert L. Coldeen III School Attendance Review Committee Coordinator 237-3049, 287-3049 sarc.boe@cnmipss.org

Legal Counsels Office ( Bldg. #1211)

Commissioner Of Education (bldg. #1211)

Commissioner Of Education (bldg. #1211) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Glenn Muna Interim Commissioner of Education 237-3061, 783-8683 glenn.muna@cnmipss.org
Jacqueline Reyes Executive Secretary 237-3061, 789-8756, 664-3700/3710 jacqueline.reyes@cnmipss.org
Charley Kenty EEOC 237-3075, 783-8974 charley.kenty@cnmipss.org

Office Of Curriculum & Instructional Services (bldg. #1254)

Office Of Curriculum & Instructional Services (bldg. #1254) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Jackie A. Quitugua Associate Commissioner 237-3004, 783-8986, 322-3506 jackie.quitugua@cnmipss.org
Patricia Aguon-Cruz Administrative Officer 237-3002, 322-3506 patricia.aguoncruz@cnmipss.org
Giselle Butalid Statistical Literacy Analyst 322-3506 giselle.butalid@cnmipss.org
Suaad San Nicolas English Language Arts Program 322-3506 suaad.sannicolas@cnmipss.org
Lizabeth Hofschneider Math Program 322-3506 lizabeth.hofschneider@cnmipss.org
Asapmar Ogumoro Science Program 237-3009, 483-0477, 322-3506 asapmar.ogumoro@cnmipss.org
Claudia Palacios – Social Studies Program claudia.palacios@cnmipss.org
Jonas Barcinas Chamorro & Carolinian Bilingual Program 237-3017, 322-3506 jonas.barcinas@cnmipss.org
Jessica B. Taylor, Ed.D. Career & Technical Education Program 237-3048, 322-3506 jessica.taylor@cnmipss.org

Office Of Accountability, Research & Evaluation

Office Of Accountability, Research & Evaluation contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Lynette Villagomez Associate Commissioner 789-8740 lynette.villagomez@cnmipss.org
JP Indalecio Administrative Officer 588-9065, 588-9065 johnpaul.indalecio@cnmipss.org
Fasefulu Tigilau Assessment Program Coordinator 789-8739 fasefulu.tigilau@cnmipss.org
Annette Pladevega Research and Evaluation Program Coordinator annette.pladevega@cnmipss.org
Marian Tudela Accreditation Program Coordinator 588-0246 marian.tudela@cnmipss.org
Probio Cabrera Data & Records Management Statistician (Student Data) 483-8967 probio.cabrera@cnmipss.org

Office For Student & Support Services (currently At Jrotc #1257)

Office For Student & Support Services (currently At Jrotc #1257) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Yvonne R. Pangelinan Associate Commissioner for Student & Support Services 237-3013, 783-8682, 322-6760 yvonne.pangelinan@cnmipss.org
Myrna H. Babauta Administrative Officer 237-3033, 322-6760 myrna.babauta@cnmipss.org
Melisha B. San Nicolas Personal Responsibility Education Program Director 237-3066, 322-6760 melisha.sannicholas@cnmipss.org
Crispin Jr. F. DeleonGuerrero Administrative Officer I (PREP) 237-3066, 322-6760 crispin.deleonguerrero@cnmipss.org
Bobby A. Cruz Director of Instructional Technology 237-3014, 287-2792, 322-6760 bobby.cruz@cnmipss.org
Lorraine R. Catienza Distance Education Program Coordinator 483-1925, 322-6760 lorraine.catienza@cnmipss.org
Francisca C. Ulloa Counseling Program Coordinator 322-6760 frances.ulloa@cnmipss.org
Melanie T. Sablan Family Engagement & Community Involvement Coordinator 237-3020, 322-6760 melanie.sablan@cnmipss.org
Victoria S. Nicolas Americorps Program Coordinator 237-3076, 287-3295 victoria.nicholas@cnmipss.org
Elizabeth B. Aguon Administrative Assistant (Americorps) 237-3293 elizabeth.aguon@cnmipss.org
Brandon S. Nicholas Cooperative Education Program Coordinator 237-3025, 322-6760 brandon.nicholas@cnmipss.org
Jocelyn Itibus State PREP Coordinator 322-6760 jocelyn.itibus@cnmipss.org
Eric Evangelista Da'ok Academy Principal (MHS Campus) 237-3294 eric.evangelista@cnmipss.org
Jonathan Aguon Da'ok Academy Vice Principal 237-3295/96 jonathan.aguon@cnmipss.org
Maverick Itibus Incarcerated Youth Instructor (Da'Ok Academy) 237-3295 maverick.itibus@cnmipss.org
Nicholas Gross Director of Athletic Program 322-6760, 287-4767 nick.gross@cnmipss.org

Head Start/early Head Start Child Care Partnership (bldg. #1255, #1256, #1259)

Head Start/early Head Start Child Care Partnership (bldg. #1255, #1256, #1259) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Lathania Santos Headstart Program Director 664-3769, 483-4391 lathania.santos@cnmipss.org
Candace Celis Admin Officer 664-3761, 483-4399 candace.celis@cnmipss.org
Lanessa Lizama Admin Specialist 664-3751 lanessa.lizama@cnmipss.org
Wayne Pangelinan Facility & Safety Coordinator 322-1742, 483-4397 wayne.pangelinan@cnmipss.org
Joseph Fitial Supply Tech 322-1742, 483-4390 joseph.fitial@cnmipss.org
Kimberly Duenas, Health Mental Health & Nutrition Manager 323-7446, 483-4392 kimberly.duenas@cnmipss.org
Cisco Cruz Health Assistant 323-7446 cisco.cruz@cnmipss.org
Jolene Guerrero Family & Community Partnership Manager 323-7447, 989-4390 jolene.guerrero@cnmipss.org
Zina Cruz Head Start Family Advocate 322-1739, 483-4393 zina.cruz@cnmipss.org
Romana Dejillas Head Start Family Advocate 322-1739, 483-4398 romana.dejillas@cnmipss.org
Veronica King Head Start Family Advocate 323-7446, 483-4394 veronica.king@cnmipss.org
Maggie Patio Head Start Family Advocate (Tinian) 433-9253, 483-4386 maggie.patio@cnmipss.org
Peter Reyes Jr. Early Head Start Family Advocate 322-1739, 989-4391 peter.reyes.jr@cnmipss.org

Special Education Program (bldg. #1224)

Special Education Program (bldg. #1224) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Suzanne Lizama Special Education Program Director 237-3019, 483-3902 suzanne.lizama@cnmipss.org
Lorie Baulechong Administrative Assistant 237-3012, 322-4545 lorie.baulechong@cnmipss.org
Leah Montealegre Administrative Assistant 237-3021 leah.montealegre@cnmipss.org
Vacant Assistant Director 237-3022 laura.brown@cnmipss.org
Natalie Suda Secretary II 237-3063 natalie.suda@cnmipss.org
Nora Pangelinan Program Manager- Data & Compliance Monitor 237-3082, 483-3933 nora.pangelinan@cnmipss.org
Donna Flores Program Manager-Personnel & Compliance Monitor 237-3015 donna.flores@cnmipss.org

Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention Program contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Robin Palacios Early Intervention Program Director 664-4841, 483-3903 robin.palacios@cnmipss.org
Esther S. Tilipao Administrative Officer III 237-3029, 322-4545 esther.tilipao@cnmipss.org

Office Of Administrative Services (oas) (bldg. #1226)

Office Of Administrative Services (oas) (bldg. #1226) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Evonne Cabrera Administrative Officer 237-3069, 789-8758, 664-3820 evonne.cabrera@cnmipss.org
Joaquin V. Diaz Emergency Operations Management Program Manager (Bldg. #1238) 237-3071, 783-8987, 322-1238 joaquin.diaz@cnmipss.org
Emelinda Cabrera, Media Specialist Communications Media 237-3053, 783-8995, 664-3820 emelinda.cabrera@cnmipss.org
Tyler Collins, Webmaster Communications Media 664-3820 tyler.collins@cnmipss.org
Rose T. Ada-Hocog Community & Outreach Coordinator 237-3061, 783-8983 rose.hocog@cnmipss.org

Facilities Development & Management (fdm/oas) (bldg. #1225)

Facilities Development & Management (fdm/oas) (bldg. #1225) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Rachel Fusco Facilities & Development Management Director 322-3716/7, 783-8997 rachel.fusco@cnmipss.org
Maria Muna Administrative Officer 322-3716/7, - maria.muna@cnmipss.org
Glenn Smith Facilities & Grounds Management Program Coordinator 322-3716/7, 789-9059 glenn.smith@cnmipss.org
Eric Magofna Compliance & Monitoring Program Coordinator 322-3716/7, 789-9057 eric.magofna@cnmipss.org
Rommel Mostales 322-3716/7, 783-8849 rommel.mostales@cnmipss.org
Leandro Montealegre 322-3716/7, 783-8851 leandro.montealegre@cnmipss.org

Infrastructure Technology (it/oas) (bldg. #1238)

Infrastructure Technology (it/oas) (bldg. #1238) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Jesse Tenorio State Technology Director 322-1239, 783-8971 jesse.tenorio@cnmipss.org
Rita Dela Cruz Administrative Officer 322-1239 rita.delacruz@cnmipss.org
Daniel Suda Network Specialist 322-1239 daniel.suda@cnmipss.org
Ferdinand Ngirmekur Network Specialist 322-1239, 783-8973 ferdinand.ngirmekur@cnmipss.org
Franz Decena Network Specialist 322-1239/237-3018, 783-8958 franz.decena@cnmipss.org

Office Of Pupil Transportation (opt/oas) (lower Base)

Office Of Pupil Transportation (opt/oas) (lower Base) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Shawn San Nicolas Pupil Transportation Director 322-9457, 783-8978 shawn.sannicolas@cnmipss.org
Manny Sablan SPED Bus Leader 322-9457, 789-8926 manuel.sablan@cnmipss.org
Fidelia Ruben Administrative Assistant 322-9457 fidelia.ruben@cnmipss.org
Greg Perez General Ed Bus Leader 322-9457, 789-8925 gregorio.perez@cnmipss.org

Mechanic Department (opt/oas) (lower Base)

Mechanic Department (opt/oas) (lower Base) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Augustin Aldan Chief Mechanic 322-3194, 789-8925 augustin.aldan@cnmipss.org

Child Nutrition Program (cnp/oas) (bldg. #1251)

Child Nutrition Program (cnp/oas) (bldg. #1251) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Dale Roberts Child Nutrition Program Director 664-3904, 783-8982, 664-3901 dale.roberts@cnmipss.org
Juan Babauta Administrative Officer 664-3901, 664-3901 juan.babauta@cnmipss.org
Kaisa Anderson Nutritionist 664-3904, 783-8968, 664-3901 kaisa.anderson@cnmipss.org
Perry Sablan Food & Safety Specialist 664-3901, 783-8939, 664-3902 perry.sablan@cnmipss.org
Sol San Nicolas Food Monitor 664-3901, 664-3902 sol.sannicolas@cnmipss.org

Procurement & Supply (bldg. #1206)

Procurement & Supply (bldg. #1206) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Kimo Rosario Procurement & Supply Officer 237-3062, 788-1200 kimo.rosario@cnmipss.org
Elsa Castro Pangelinan Administrative Officer III 237-3088 elsa.pangelinan@cnmipss.org
Elsa Castro Administrative Officer III 237-3088 elsa.castro@cnmipss.org
Melba Vilaga Administrative Officer II 237-3035 melba.vilaga@cnmipss.org
Alkantro Sarapio Procurement Specialist IV 237-3077, 287-9035 alkantro.sarapio@cnmipss.org
Lillian Gumba Inventory Control Manager 237-3008, 989-4369 lillian.gumba@cnmipss.org
Vilma Castro Procurement Specialist IV 237-3060 vilma.castro@cnmipss.org
Jess Santos Procurement Specialist (Lower Base Facility) 322-6404 jesus.santos@cnmipss.org
Rick Muna Procurement Specialist (Lower Base Facility) 322-6404, 783-8681 ricardo.muna@cnmipss.org
Melvin Camacho Procurement Specialist II (Lower Base Facility) 322-6404 melvin.camacho@cnmipss.org

Human Resource Office (hro/oas) (bldg. #1202)

Human Resource Office (hro/oas) (bldg. #1202) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Lucretia Borja Human Resource Director 237-3052, 789-8934 lucretia.borja@cnmipss.org
Charlene Quitano Interim Assistant Human Resource Director 237-3079, 783-8964 charlene.quitano@cnmipss.org
Leslie Ada Personnel Specialist I 237-3059 leslie.ada@cnmipss.org
Sonia Cabrera Personnel Specialist I 237-3031 sonia.cabrera@cnmipss.org
Obichang Tell Personnel Specialist I 237-3094 obichang.tell@cnmipss.org
Frankie Camacho Personnel Specialist I 237-3079 frankie.camacho@cnmipss.org
Roman Tudela Personnel Specialist III 237-3093 roman.tudela@cnmipss.org

Federal Programs Office

Federal Programs Office contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Tim Thornburgh Federal Programs Officer 237-3065, 783-8993 tim.thornburgh@cnmipss.org
Dencio Manglona 237-3058 dencio.manglona@cnmipss.org
Bernie Calvo 237-3038, 789-9055 bernie.calvo@cnmipss.org
Armie Catalla 237-3040, 664-3835 armie.catalla@cnmipss.org
Liz Romolor 237-3057 elizabeth.romolor@cnmipss.org

Jrotc Programs - Capital Hill (bldg. #1257)

Jrotc Programs - Capital Hill (bldg. #1257) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Joseph Sablan Supply Specialist 322-6760 joseph.sablan@cnmipss.org
Grina Mitzutani Supply Specialist 322-6760 grina.mitzutani@cnmipss.org
Anthony Crolla – Military Property Specialist 322-6760 anthony.crolla@cnmipss.org

Finance Office (bldg. 1204)

Finance Office (bldg. 1204) contact information
Name Position Telephone Email
Christopher Ching Director of Finance -, 783-8685 christopher.ching@cnmipss.org
Wilfredo Abu Treasurer/Acting Comptroller 237-3044 wilfredo.abu@cnmipss.org
Elia Santos Accountant IV 237-3023 elia.odoshi@cnmipss.org
Naydine Aguon Accountant IV - Acting Payroll Supervisor 237-3089 naydine.aguon@cnmipss.org
Jocelyn Tagabuel Accountant II 237-3045 jocelyn.tagabuel@cnmipss.org
Francisca Reyes Accountant IV 237-3067 francisca.reyes@cnmipss.org
Catherine Regalado Accountant II 237-3054 catherine.regalado@cnmipss.org
Remy Matagolai Accountant IV 237-3045 remy.matagolai@cnmipss.org
Ronna Eriich Accountant II 237-3087 ronna.eriich@cnmipss.org
Joserin Mendiola Accountant II 237-3041 joserin.mendiola@cnmipss.org