The Records Management and Data Center falls under the Office of Administrative Services.  The core function of this department is to create and manage a Data Center to house and store electronic information in a safe and orderly technological environment. The information stored will later be used to mine, collect, and generate data for accountability reporting and compliance purposes as it relates to the provisions set-forth by Federal Mandates. The department establishes a secured database to support and maintain information shared within various divisions or departments to streamline the entire process of how data is recorded, stored, extracted, disseminated, and reported.

The Records Management and Data Center is responsible for managing data within a data warehouse. Such information managed does not only reflect student data, but also data archived for historical, educational, and informational purposes. In order to achieve the process of managing data in the most efficient manner, it would require an infrastructure capable of accommodating the vast amounts of information that would eventually be stored and secured in a centralized network environment.