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July 18, 2014

Job Vacancy Announcements in Detail:

PSS-2014-158 Internal Auditor Office of BOE

PSS-2014-169_Leadership Corps Instructor_Admiral Herbert J. Hopwood Jr. High School

PSS-2013-070_Substitute Teacher _ReAnnouncement XVII__Saipan, Rota, Tinian Schools

PSS-2014-135_Classroom Teacher _7 Positions_ _ReAnnouncement IV__SPED

PSS-2013-018_Classroom Teacher _SPED_ ReAnnouncement VII_Special Education Program – Tinian Elementary School

PSS-2014-133_Classroom Teacher _Early Childhood_ ReAnnouncement_Head Start Program

PSS-2014-131_Head Start Instructor _ReAnnouncement III__Head Start Program-Tinian

PSS-2014-164_Classroom Teacher _Highly Qualified_6 Positions_William S. Reyes Elementary School

PSS-2014-165_Statistician_Federal Programs Office

PSS-2014-159_Classroom Teacher _Highly Qualified__Tanapag Middle School

PSS-2014-141_Trades Technician I-III_CIP Office

PSS-2014-162_Classroom Teacher _Highly Qualified__San Vicente Elementary School

PSS-2012-074_Occupational Therapist III – IV_ReAnnouncement XXV – 2 Positions__SPED

PSS-2014-137_Occupational Therapist III – IV _ReAnnouncement IV__Early Intervention Program

PSS-2014-138 Speech Language Pathologist _ReAnnouncement II – 1 Position__SPED

PSS-2014-142_Education Specialist I-V _Assistive Technology_ ReAnnouncement III_SPED Office _1_

PSS-2014-139_Education Specialist I-V _Secondary Transition Specialist_ ReAnnouncement II_SPED

PSS-2014-161_Teacher Aide III _21 Positions__ SPED-Saipan, Rota & Tinian Schools

PSS-2014-115_Classroom Teacher _Highly Qualified_ ReAnnouncement II_Sinapalo Elementary School

PSS-2014-168 Health Nutrition & Mental Health Manager_Head Start Program


PSS-2014-149_Classroom Teacher _Highly Qualified__Saipan, Rota & Tinian Schools - 37 Positions


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