Most studies agree there are 77 million of you on the Internet! Almost as many students as there are things to do online. The Internet has infinite possibilities, and it is easy to get lost. Sometimes when you are lost you discover wonderful new places, but just as easily you can find yourself in a dangerous situation. You must protect yourself from the pitfalls lurking online. To help you, i-SAFE America has come up with these tips.

  • Guard your identifying information (name, sex, age, address, school, teams).
    It only takes a little information for a predator to identify you.
  • Always remember, responsible adults do not pursue relationships with kids and teens.
  • Make your username generic and anonymous.
  • Make your online profile generic and anonymous.
  • Know how to exit an inappropriate website.
  • Attachments in e-mails from strangers can contain Viruses and Worms.
  • Pictures are great to hand to a friend, but it’s not cool to send them to an Internet ‘friend.’
  • Posting your picture on the Internet gives hackers the chance to doctor your picture and make fun of you to everyone on the World Wide Web.
  • Chat room ‘friends’ are not always who they say they are.
  • Know the rules about Intellectual Property. Do not illegally download music and movies.