1. Purposeful

    • We are rooted with our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Priorities PLUS, reflecting and continually review new and current needs, priorities, goals, and focus appropriately
    • High quality meaningful teaching and learning is every student’s right – STUDENTS First.
    • We continue to build, develop, capacity for learning and leading
  1. Accountability

    • We are responsible and accountable for our work, the way we behave and our relationship with each other, our students.
    • We account our actions and decision in the service we give to our students
    • At the end, we all want to improve student learning. Through feedback and honest, genuine sharing, we can learn and grow to better serve our students
  1. Integrity

    • We continue to create a “sense of connectedness” by maintaining an environment of respect, trust, dignity and fairness with our students and each other.
    • Our actions should speak of who we are and being able to accomplish our goals, consistent with our principles.
    • We are mission-driven.
  1. Equity

    • We hold ourselves responsible to ensure that our decisions reflect services for all students.
  1. Transparency/Openness

    • We openly share knowledge, expertise and professional learning, a desire for continuous improvement personally and professionally.
    • We are open to share our decision-making process to our stakeholders so they understand how decisions are made
  1. Quality

    • We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work, at the highest professional standard
    • We create meaningful and quality learning experiences for all students
    • We render high quality performance exemplifying competency and ability throughout our work
    • We model effective practices and beliefs to promote diversity, collaboration, shared responsibility towards a personalized learning system that prepares every student for college, work and global citizenship
  1. Ethics

    • We are ethically responsible in our work, being fair, just and serve our students following our policies
  1. Collaboration

    • We work together as a system, each has a significant role to contribute in the making, and being sensitive and responsive to the desires of the community
    • Collaboration is about teamwork, galvanized effort, diversity, honoring culture and being adult-models for our students