The PSS Emergency Management and Crisis Operations Section was created on Sept 2011. The office’s duties and responsibilities are to ensure the safety of all PSS facilities, Staff and Students. It also to ensure that PSS Staff are trained in emergency procedures and are National Incident Management System (NIIMS) certified as well. The PSS EMCO works closely with the CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office as well as other response agencies to ensure proper trainings, drills and exercises as well updates on national and trending threats to ensure safety of the CNMI Education Community.

Several exercises and drills have been completed throughout the CNMI Public System Schools to include Active Shooter, Tsunami, Fire, Bomb threats and other threats. This is done to make sure that each schools emergency plan is validated and is reasonable as well as doable. These drills are conducted throughout the year with the assistance of our emergency response communities to include, CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office, CNMI Department of Public Safety and Fire, Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, CNMI Utilities Corporation, CNM Public Health and other agencies.

The PSS EMCO also participates in CNMI Wide Emergency Response Drills to include the Konfitma Exercises which is a 36 hour multi agency full scale exercise. Conducting bomb and shooting responses at our High schools. The office is also a member of the CNMI Crisis Management Strike Team as well as a committee member in the CNMI Preparedness Month.

The office is located at Pohnpei Way Bldg 1254 Capitol Hill. The office also serves as the PSS Emergency Operations Center during storms or other major incidents involving PSS.