The main goal of the Personal Responsibility Education Program is to increase the number of adolescents in the CNMI to abstain from sex, delay the initiation of sex, use effective contraception and disease prevention if sexually active and have fewer sexual partners.  Another goal of this program will be to reduce teen pregnancy and STI/HIV infections among adolescents in the CNMI.

The immediate goal of the Personal Responsibility Education Program is to empower youth in the CNMI aged 10-10 (and pregnant or parenting youth up to age 21) to report positive knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to reducing the risk of HIV and other STIs and decrease the risk of unplanned pregnancy.

The objectives include:

  1. Facilitator Training of Making Proud Choices with Pilot Implementation.
  2. Development of Positive Youth Development Programs
  3. Communicate with Parents/Guardians Through Parent Night Events
  4. Trainings on Bullying Prevention and Safe Spaces
  5. Facilitator Training of “Making a Difference” curriculum.

The curriculum utilized by this program includes:

  1. Making Proud Choices
  2. Be Proud, Be Responsible
  3. Making a Difference.