Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program

“Opportunities for Career Success”

Welcome to Career and Technical Education! Formerly known as the CNMI PSS Vocational Education Program, the language was updated to the Career and Technical Education Program. Since then, the CNMI PSS CTE Program has worked diligently to ensure that the CNMI PSS CTE Program:

  • Includes all students;
  • Offers Career Clusters and Pathways;
  • Integrates a rigorous and relevant curriculum with academics;
  • Provides high school and post-secondary partnerships leading to pathways to employment and/or associate, bachelor’s, and advanced degrees; and
  • Builds a progression of foundational, pathway, occupational and 21st century skills within its framework.

By ensuring that these components are embedded within the CTE Program, it is the vision of the CTE Program that the following will result in:

  • College and Career Ready students;
  • Career and Cluster Pathways leading to better career prospects for students;
  • A rigorous, relevant, and integrated academic curriculum preparing students for employment in high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand professions;
  • High school and post-secondary partnerships providing the skills and training by addressing the needs of high-growth industries; and
  • A progressive 21st Century CTE Framework that produces students that can respond to the economic needs in our communities—both locally and globally.

By 2020, it is the goal of the Career and Technical Education Program to ensure 100% high school graduates are College and Career Ready.