The CNMI Public School System anticipates receiving an estimated $35.6 million dollars in federal program funding for FY15 (October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015). Approximately, 1/3rd staff FTEs. The remaining 2/3rds fund program operations. A twelve year trend analysis shows that federal program funding has more than doubled, increasing from just under $15 million in 1999 to $35 million in 2015. Across the same twelve year time period, local funding has decreased from $42 million to $32 million. Also, across this same period, the PSS has added 2,800 additional students, opened six new schools and shown sustained student learning gains at all public schools.

The Federal Programs Office (FPO) assisted our nineteen (19) public schools and twenty-eight (28) private schools with the development of their Title 1 targeted assistance and school-wide programs. These projects in the form of mini-grants, that in aggregate total over $12 million per year, are designed to improve student learning by providing supplementary learning materials needed to enhance student learning. The PSS also provides mini-grants to our schools for after school programs, Saturday school programs, summer school programs, distance learning programs, AP programs, laptops, student competitions, career and technical education programs, wellness programs, parent involvement programs, and for professional development for teachers and school leaders.