The  Media & Print Production facility currently provides needed Design and Print Services to programs or offices within the system, which will help benefit through cost saving areas.

The goal of the Media & Print Production facility are:

  1. Identify cost saving practices for Programs/ and or Offices to utilize the Media & Print Production Facility
  2. Provide guidance to Programs/ and or Offices needing suggestions for large production of certain printable materials being bid out to vendors
  3. Provide Design Training as needed during Professional Developments
  4. Maintain in good standing with Programs/ and or Offices as a Service Provider within the system as a Cost-Saving source at all times.

Services provided include:

  • Design Consultation
  • Print Services such as Brochures, Posters, Booklets, and other Custom Prints (please inquire)
  • Binding (Comb Binding)
  • Others (please contact or email the office of Media & Print Production for other inquiries not listed)

For more information please email for more information.