The Office of Administrative Services is responsible in the planning, organizing, implementation, supervision, coordination, and evaluation of administrative services and programs of the Public School System, which supports the daily operations of our schools and Central Office.

The Office of Administrative Services strives to provide quality and essential services through leadership, collaboration, and support that enables the CNMI PSS to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and public service.

Under the supervision of the Associate Commissioner of Administrative Services are the following programs:

  1. Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)
  2. Emergency Operations and Crisis Management
  3. Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)
  4. Media and Print Productions
  5. Pupil Transportation
  6. Records Management and Data Center (RMDC)
  7. Technology and Communications Network
  8. Webmaster

The Strategic Priorities that Office of the Administrative Services oversees are:

  1. Effective & Efficient Operations
  2. Safe & Orderly Schools


Organizational Chart for PSS