The Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) office was created in 1998 to oversee projects in conjunction with the Department of Public Works. In addition to this, the office was tasked to oversee school maintenance projects done either through in-house or by hiring manpower services.

The office falls under the Associate Commissioner for Administrative Services. It supports the CNMI Schools including the Head Start Program & Special Education Program, in their Capital Improvement and maintenance projects. Each School has its maintenance personnel to take care of daily maintenance needs, such as ground maintenance, plumbing and others that do not require major construction.

The office consists of five (5) personnel headed by the CIP Coordinator. The Office is located on the second floor of the NMI Retirement Fund Building in Capitol Hill, Saipan.

PSS CIP is tasked with the following:

  • In House Maintenance Projects Capital Improvement Projects under Public and Local Laws
  • Completion of CIP projects under the G.O. Bond agreement
  • Completion of FEMA funded projects (Typhoon Repairs)
  • Completion of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Projects at various schools


Head Start Facilities

The remaining funding from the Head Start Grant, approximately $610,000 was expended over the last year. The completed projects include Typhoon shutters for all Head Start Facilities, Rehabilitation for the Tanapag and WSR Facilities, Construction of a new center in San Antonio, and various fencing and play ground equipment

This year, Head Start has funding available for improvements at various centers. These new projects include Generator Housing for the back up generators purchased for the Saipan facilities, Parking Pads for Kagman and Oleai Head Start Centers, Fencing at various centers, a number of Tricycle paths at various centers and a number of small improvements throughout the Head Start facilities.