The Board of Education (BOE) and Public School System (PSS) recognize that the delivery of high-quality and equitable educational services to all students in the Public School System, is necessary, therefore, it is imperative to recruit, hire, and retain highly trained and fully certified professional employees. To ensure that its professional employees are well prepared to provide the opportunity to the students to develop into happy, self-respecting, understanding and contributing members of the society, BOE requires that all professional employees meet the certification requirements as set forth in the regulations. This certification is designed to promote excellence and maintain a high standard of professionalism of all full-time professional employees within the school system.


Certification Brochure/Requirements:


Certification Forms:

For further assistance on the certification process, feel free to contact the Certification and Licensure Office at (670) 237-3027 or


Praxis Information:

For further inquiries on registering for Praxis, please contact Isabel Matsunaga at (670) 237-6774 or


Title II Reports

The CNMI is required to report to Title II  annually. Below are the Title II reports for the CNMI. For more information on the Title II reports from other states, please visit Title II Reports .


Contact the Certification & Licensure Office

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