The Office of Accountability, Research and Evaluation is under the leadership of the Associate Commissioner for Accountability, Research and Evaluation.

The programs under the Office of Accountability, Research and Evaluation serve as a clearinghouse for research, school improvement and innovation, evaluation and accountability from accreditation to individual schools to school systems. These programs are:

  1. Accreditation
  • A method of quality assurance, and designed primarily to distinguish schools adhering to a set of educational standards. System accreditation nurtures and supports individual school improvement while aligning it with the overall school district improvement,
  • PSS will work with AdvancED to accredit schools, and
  • PSS will work with the schools to incorporate a performance based model that has a five year cycle of continuous improvement process.
  1. Assessment
  • Provides test administration dates and general assessment information of the PSS,
  • Provides support and technical assistance on statewide assessments, and
  • Collects, compiles and provide summary report of STAR assessments administered during the school year
  1. School Improvement and Innovation
  • Improve academic achievement of students to meet academic content and performance standards; reviews and authorizes innovative and targeted assistance programs, and provide technical assistance identified under improvement and innovation plan, and
  • Identifies programs and resources that affect a school’s educational improvement and innovative plan
  1. School Accountability
  • Provides information on the school district on student academic achievement, demographics, environment and resources, and
  • Prepares and develops annual statewide summary report of student assessment results, high school graduation rates, teacher qualifications, and other indicators.
  1. Research and Evaluation
  • Share research programs of the PSS
  • Where to find research and how to find research
  • Share research and best practices
  • Oversees, conducts and prepares evaluation reports of individual schools, individual programs, and the school district.